Meeting Your Project Goals and Objectives

The success of any health-related project or program requires assessment and evaluation in order to achieve its intended goals and objectives. In addition, organizations’ concerns for success in times of economic challenges further highlight the need for accurate evaluation processes and activities.

The unique work conducted by Evaluation Focused Consulting supplements traditional quantitative data with a culturally competent approach and neutral reporting. This approach to qualitative analysis and assessment provides a more accurate view of the inconsistencies and gaps between a project’s initial goals and objectives and the actual services provided by those responsible to implement the project.

Organizations with health-related initiatives, such as foundations, health maintenance organizations and corporations with community benefit interests, care about the performance of their initiatives. The summary data compiled, analyzed and reported by Evaluation Focused Consulting confirms customer interests or presents alternative perspectives on community needs and program effectiveness.

This valuable information allows client adjustments for future direction of strategic planning, as well as more effective and efficient grantmaking processes.

Integration of Community Involvement
Through a series of interviews, focus groups and secondary quantitative document review, a more comprehensive assessment develops. The inclusion of culturally relevant questionnaire design elements and culturally sensitive interaction with staff and community residents provide other critical assessment and evaluation components.

Our work process is based on practical experience in public health education project planning and design, grounded in qualitative research, behavioral sciences and management theory.

Neutrality in Reporting
Inherent bias lies within even the most objective evaluator. Neutrality, therefore, comes with the specific method for presentation of the final data. This data forms the guiding criteria when integrated into an organization's plans for future programs and services.

Customer Benefits
Assessment and evaluation projects are customized to match a client organization’s priorities. Some or all of the following benefits remain with the client organizations at the conclusion of a consulting engagement with Evaluation Focused Consulting:

Your staff will be exposed to practical evaluation methodologies that may be used in future evaluation efforts, reducing redundancy and eliminating additional future costs.

Your staff will be provided current quantitative data from reputable health resources to enable immediate and improved program and service design.

Your staff will find qualitative data derived from their clients integrated into practical formats used for strategic planning.

Your customized reports will reflect cultural sensitivity to special populations of interest to your organization. These enable design of effective outreach and education programs.

You will receive reports customized for your organization that provide practical recommendations for short-term and long-term program planning.

Program evaluation can help sustain an agency's mission without sacrificing the integrity of program resources, staff and key figures in the provision of health and human services.

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